The UK is recognised as a centre of academic excellence, where students can expect a world-class education that will set them on the road to their future careers in a way that no other country can offer. Global survey of graduate employers consistently shows that UK degrees are highly valued worldwide. In the UK, students are given the opportunity to maximise their potential and gain a top-quality education in an exciting, vibrant and supportive multicultural learning environment.

Benefits of choosing a UK Education are

  • A lifelong investment in their future

  • A world-class education with globally respected qualifications in their chosen academic discipline

  • Excellent teaching and facilities, meeting strict quality standards set by the UK government

  • Students benefit by learning alongside some of the world’s top intellectual achievers

  • Gaining contacts and a network beyond their qualification for their future life and career

  • Developing the intercultural skills and understanding which are valued by employers

  • Learning to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world

  • Perfecting their English in the home of the English language

  • Great value for money


UK universities have one of the most diverse subject offerings in the world Undergraduate courses include:

  • Bachelor’s or undergraduate degrees (full-time)

  • Bachelor’s or undergraduate degrees (Part-time)

Postgraduate courses include

  • Master’s Degree

  • MBA Courses

  • PhDs or Doctorates

University Fees

  • For international students, undergraduate fees range from around £ 10,000 to £26,000 per year for lecture-based degrees

  • Postgraduate degrees in the UK are shorter and cheaper. Most postgraduate degrees can be obtained in just one year, making them excellent value for money. Postgraduate degrees typically range from £ 15,000 to £30,000

Student Visa

An applicant can apply for student visa to study in the UK if they’re 16 or over and they:

  • have been offered a place on a course by a licensed UK institute.

  • Can prove their knowledge of English by passing a Secure English Language Test (SELT) from an approved provider like IELTS

  • Can provide financial proof of having enough money to support themselves and pay for their course.

    Course Fee- Need enough money to pay for your course for 1 academic year (up to 9 months). The amount you need to pay will be on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

    Money to Support Yourself-You would need approx. £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses in London and £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months) for courses outside London (also known as maintenance funds)

Documents required for UK Student visa

An applicant can apply for student visa to study in the UK if they’re 16 or over and they:

  • A current passport or other valid travel documentation

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from course provider

  • Proof of funds to support yourself and pay for your course

  • Proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18

  • Proof of your relationship to your parent or guardian if you’re under 18

  • Tuberculosis test results

  • Written consent for your application from your financial sponsor if you’ve received sponsorship for your course fees and living costs in the last 12 months

  • A valid Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate if your course and nationality require it

  • If a document is not in English, the applicant must provide a fully certified translation from a professional translator or translation company that can be independently verified by the Home Office. The translation must include all of the following information:

  • confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the document

  • the date of translation

  • the full name and signature of the translator or an official from the translation company

  • the translator or translation company’s contact details Applying for UK student visa online

Applying for your UK student visa online

Student visa application can be completed online using the British Government’s official website www.gov.uk. As part of application, applicant will be required to prove their identity. Fingerprints and a photograph (biometric information) need to be provided at a visa application centre. You’ll be told what you need to do when you apply.

*For detailed information, please visit the Gov.uk website

How we can help with your UK student visa applications?

Let us be your trusted advisors throughout the process. We will provide detailed information on the current visa requirements, ensuring you have all the necessary knowledge, and will guide you in preparing the correct documents for your visa application.